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November 19, 2019

A Quick Guide to Strategic Partnership

One of the best ways to put yourself far above the competition even in a crowded niche is to link yourself with key companies and influencers. In this way, you can offer all new products and services, increase your authority in your niche, and earn more income all at the same time.
November 13, 2019


These days, any serious business owner with any shred of business know-how has a website or blog to help market their business. A website with your own domain name (URL) establishes a professional online presence and offers a central hub for all of your online and offline marketing efforts.
October 5, 2016

Services verses Solutions

We don’t just offer you services, we provide solutions for your specific needs. We help our clients to build and grow their business and assist the […]

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Meet the Founder

Ilene Carol

Founder & Sr. Consultant

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"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will." -- Vince Lombardi
Ilene Carol has been a passionate advocate for ALS since 2009. Her father, a war veteran, lost his battle to ALS in 2006. She has helped to support those diagnosed with ALS and their families through her blog by offering support topics and resources. Starting in 2010 she launched a digital publication centered on the Walk to Defeat ALS to help raise awareness to the illness.

Ilene's love of sports coupled with her passion for writing led her to interviewing professional athletes for her magazine creations. She now focuses on creating content to help empower women, as well as, interviewing successful men in various fields, hoping that telling their story will inspire our male youth.

As a motivational speaker, Ilene is informative and engaging. With great enthusiasm, clarity and presence, she educates her audiences with timeless strategies and from her own personal experiences. Her topics include, having an entrepreneurial spirit, achieving personal goals and being the best you can be.

With her expert knowledge, dynamic presence and worldwide connections, Ilene makes an ideal Brand Ambassador. She can embody your brand identity and values, representing your brand in a positive light to promote awareness and customer engagement.

Ilene enjoys building brands and being involved in creative projects that contribute to turning a client's vision into a reality.