Who We Are

ICE MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT, (IME), is a dynamic marketing and advertising agency, producing creative content in radio, digital, print, internet, TV and film. We offer brand development, public relations, ad campaigns and various marketing solutions to help build brands and increase audience visibility.

dy-nam-ic ~ a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process~

What are promotions? In marketing, promotions refer to spreading information used to inform or persuade target audiences on a product, service, brand or cause. The aim of promotion is to increase awareness, generate sales or create brand loyalty. We use our in-house media outlets, (online, digital, print, radio, email marketing, social media campaigns and sponsored events), to increase brand awareness for our clients. What is our strategy?

We combine storytelling with the human approach. Our definition of storytelling - We define it as, telling a story. Telling a story that entertains, educates, inspires and empowers not only the listener, but the person telling the story. Everyone has their own unique experiences and background.

We use our various outlets to bring these personal experiences to a broader audience. Effective storytelling creates bridges culturally, promotes innovation to solving problems and nurtures a shared understanding. We feel that being human is about building a connection and being genuine.

We form a partnership with our clients because we take their ideas seriously and we want them to achieve results. In addition to our media outlets, we also produce spectacular events and partner with several venues worldwide.

We are passionate about the development and education of our youth. We work with students from VCU, VA State and JMU, majoring in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. We help them build their portfolios with real life deliverables. They can showcase finished projects on their portfolio and gain real work experience. As a result, graduates can achieve better job placements within their degree.

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, with studios in New York and D.C., the worldwide web allows us to cater to an audience that is both National and International. Bringing together like-minded individuals through our compelling stories and content. Our audience is not only throughout the US, but in Canada, UK and Australia.

We believe in giving back to causes that are dear to us and supporting our clients' charitable foundations. Many of our team members, including our founder, have lost loved ones to the disease ALS. We participate as a team in the annual, Walk to Defeat ALS. We use the proceeds from our merchandise and other fundraising endeavors, to raise money to benefit The ALS Association, in loving memory of those who lost their battle with ALS and for medical research.

At ICE MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT, we celebrate the extraordinary, the legendary, the unique and the survivors. We promote our clients' endeavors through creativity and imagination with the use of radio interviews, magazine articles, ad campaigns, sponsored events, social media and online streaming.

We are a marketing and advertising agency that builds bridges. We are ICE MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT. BE DYNAMIC.


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