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    ICE Media Entertainment has two media outlets in the form of radio and magazine. These specialized brands main goal is to bring greatness to light through inspiration, innovation and empowerment.

    Our Brands:
    • Ilene Carol Talk Radio
    • New League Magazine
    • Women’s Quarterly
    If you offer a service or product or own a venue and you are looking for ways to increase sales and visibility, please contact our sales team: sales@icemediaent.com.
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    We offer a variety of personalized solutions to help build your brand. Our approach is strategic, carefully designed and planned out to meet your purpose and long term goals.

    How may we assist you:
    • Website Development/Revamping * Digital Design * Branding
    • Non-Profit Campaigns * Sports and Music Management
    • Social Media Marketing * Ad Campaigns * Promotions
    • Press and Media Kits * Press Releases * Article Features
    We have successfully worked with and created campaigns for athletes, public figures, non-profits, business start-ups and entities within the fashion and entertainment industries.
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    ICE Media Entertainment is a global Advertisement and Branding Agency. As a full service agency, we offer two media outlets in the form of radio and magazine.

    What do we offer:
    • Networking Events, On and Offline Conferences.
    • Promotions, Sponsorship, Ad Campaigns.
    • Content Syndication, Subscriptions to Exclusive Content, Member Spotlight.
    As your Personal Catalyst, we do the necessary research to fully assess your specific needs. This allows us to put together the right combination of services to help you achieve your goals.
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