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Our media productions offer additional visibility to build your personal brand. We want your audience to hear about your passion and read about your personal story. We offer radio, print, digital and social media promotions.


We combine storytelling with the human approach. Our definition of storytelling - We define it as, telling a story. Telling a story that entertains, educates, inspires and empowers not only the listener, but the person telling the story. The human approach is about building a connection and being genuine.

Our unique brands provide several opportunities to help our clients build a broader audience. Effective storytelling creates bridges culturally, promotes innovation to solving problems and nurtures a shared understanding.

Whether you are interested in building your personal brand or you are a business owner interested in growing your business, we have a solution to meet your specific needs. Consult with us about your brand building, promotions or advertising interest. Send an Email to: contact@icemediaent.com.

  • ICE Media Entertainment

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    ICE MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT, (IME), is a dynamic media and promotions company producing creative content in radio, magazines, internet, TV and film. We offer promotion packages and ad campaigns to help build brands and increase audience visibility.

    Additional features:
    • Promotion Packages, Ad Campaigns, Sponsorship Opportunities
    • Radio & Podcasts, TV & Film, Digital & Print, Membership & Events
    Send an Email to: contact@icemediaent.com
  • New League Magazine

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    New League Magazine is a cultural and entertainment quarterly publication and online community for men. Featuring some of the most successful men in their field from all around the world. We hope that we will be able to guide the next generation of men in the right direction, in anticipation of giving them an edge on a future gleaming with possibilities.

    Additional features:
    • Publication: Online, Quarterly – Digital, Print and POD
    • Audience: US, UK, Canada, Australia
    Editor: Phillip Michael

    Send an Email to: contact@newleaguemag.com

  • Women’s Quarterly Magazine

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    Women’s Quarterly is a publication and online community focused on the total woman. Our content provides tangible resources that help to empower women. We feature women with inspiring and successful stories.

    Additional features:
    • Publication: Online, Quarterly – Digital, Print and POD
    • ¬†Audience: US, UK, Canada
    Editor: Jenna Barker

    Send an Email to: contact@wqmagazine.com.

  • Ilene Carol Brand Ambassador

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    As a Brand Ambassador, Ilene Carol, has bridged together cultural and generation gaps through her podcast and blog. She has a diverse background, as well as, being a champion for youth. Ilene has shared her personal experiences to help benefit others. For over 10+ years, she has been helping to promote personal brands. Working with coaches, authors, professional athletes and entertainers.

    Additional features:
    • Podcast, Blog, Social Media Campaigns
    • Global audience & visibility
    Send an Email to contact@ilenecarol.com
  • Extended Hugs

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    Extended Hugs, is committed to supporting those who are unfairly denied the firm foundation needed for a successful life. We serve to aid vulnerable members of the community who may be struggling financially due to marginalization, high cost of education, and chronic/terminal illness. 

    Additional features:
    • Non-Profit Events & Fundraisers
    • Partner & Sponsorship Opportunities
    • Programs for disadvantage youth, scholarships and resources for the critically and terminally ill.
    Send an Email to: contact@extendedhugs.com

Our Events

Sponsored events create amazing visibility to any brand. Place your brand in front of millions. From press releases, to email blasts and newsletters, social media campaigns, print and digital ad placements. Companies, public figures and venue owners can partner with us in various events. Launch parties, Charity Fundraising, CD Release, Book Signing and Magazine Contests. To get more information about sponsoring an event, send email to: contact@icemediaent.com.

Questions or Comments?

We Want Your Input

We are looking for the incredible and the inspiring to feature in our magazines and as guests on our radio show.

Do you know any women or men that are giving back to their community, charity involvement, experts in their field or have an inspiring story to tell? Please send us details of your suggestions to: Linda.Lane@icemediaent.com

Advertisement Opportunities

We offer two media outlets,(radio and magazine), and various sponsorship and promotion opportunities. If you offer a service or product or own a venue and you are looking for ways to increase sales and visibility, please contact us: media@icemediaent.com.