ICE Media Entertainment provides innovative solutions

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October 5, 2016
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ICE Media Entertainment provides innovative solutions

ICE Media Entertainment provides innovative solutions to increase exposure to your business

ICE Media Entertainment is an Advertising and Branding Agency, offering a full range of services to help clients grow their business and assist the talent, entertainment and fashion industries by providing innovative solutions to increase exposure to their business.

Founded by Ilene Carol, ICE Media Entertainment works to create campaigns designed to bring customers to your door. For more than 20 years she has helped start up’s, non-profit’s and entertainment professionals understand the core of their business and has worked to help them achieve success.

In a recent interview about how ICE Media Entertainment differs from other advertising and branding agencies, Ms. Carol stated, “Every business is unique and the marketing strategies have to be personalized to reach specific business goals.”

ICE Media Entertainment will launch two very unique magazines this winter, one focusing on career women and the other on lifestyle and entertainment for men. It was through previous work supported by her radio talk show, Ilene Carol, was able to help empower women and through many topics including entertainment and sports, she was given a platform to interview athletes and celebrities. With the launch of the brand ICE Media Entertainment, Ms. Carol will be able to incorporate the publications, a radio show and support for the Charity ALS into her brand. Ilene Carol lost her father, a veteran, to ALS in 2006.

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