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We Want Your Input!

We are looking for the incredible and the inspiring to feature in our magazines and as guests on our radio show.
Do you know any women or men that are giving back to their community, charity involvement, experts in their field or have an inspiring story to tell? Please send us details of your suggestions to: contact@icemediaent.com

Advertisement Opportunities

As a full service advertisement agency, we offer two media outlets,(radio and magazine), and various sponsorship and promotion opportunities. If you offer a service or product or own a venue and you are looking for ways to increase sales and visibility, please contact our sales team: sales@icemediaent.com.

Our Additional Brands

We manage the following websites -- www.theblogpimp.com - Talent Database of aspiring talent to book in our own productions, as well as, the projects for our clients; www.webdesign4models.com -- affordable web design and hosting services for aspiring talent.
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